The Chill in the Air…

Ever had a fear that gripped you so tight you couldn’t move when you thought of whatever it was that blocked you?  The holidays are said and done but there’s still a chill in the air, the snap of wind on the back of your neck as you leave the house in the morning.  I’m choosing to let it motivate me to try new things, the things that scare me to think of, the uncertain things that I want to try but I let fear block me from.  Even in writing this blog I’ve conquered a fear, all be it a small one, I wasn’t sure the world wanted to hear what I had to say, but I figure I have a voice for a reason, may as well put it to good use!  Although my range may be small my voice is still strong because it’s still sounding.  I want to use this space to put forth a positive vibe about life in SL, the fashion, the fun, the creativity and the experiences we get from the virtual world.
Recently I also pushed myself to try my hand at designing.  I wanted a mesh coat but I decided to buy a full perm mesh and create a look of my own.  I’ve always loved the cold, this is my favorite time of year because the bugs go away, the cold weather comes and we get a chance to take fashion to another level with layers  and creative styling.  So I took to SL one day about two weeks ago and let my inner fashion designer out.  This coat is what I came up with, I love it because it’s the first time I allowed myself to take a step that wasn’t perfectly planned out, in such a long time.  It felt good to just think my way through the design of it, the textures and colors.  It’s also inspired me to continue learning to mesh since I’m back in world more and can devote the kind of time I need to it.  I’m discovering that I’m more of a DIY ( Do It Yourself) girl than I thought I was.  I like creating things and seeing it through to the end of the initial idea that was set forth in my mind.
So here’s the look 🙂  Hope you enjoy….


Never Let your fear decide your future -Unknown

Cozy Cool
Cozy Cool

Style Card
Hair- *Argrace* Hayate in Strawberry Blonde
Skin- Deesses Zivaah in Carmel Mocha
Eyes- IKON Immortal Eyes in Hazel
Earrings :Fusion: Black Bali Hoops
Nails -[MANDALA] MILY Way Ring and Nails in Gaga Black
Coat- EJC Couture in Royal Plum Plaid
Boots- {MV} Alternative Fashion Damask Heels


Welcome to EJC Style

Happy New Year !  I hope all reading this have a wonderful and loving 2015!  I decided to start my year off by filling it with better energy.  That meant making some tough decisions  but in true Taurus fashion I did what needed to be done.  In doing so I felt as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders and for the first time in a long time I reminded myself it was okay to just be me.  I’m human, flawed and beautiful all at once, some choices may not be right  but I find that if I pray on most of them I land in the place I need to be.  This blog is a step toward rediscovering myself through photography, writing and any other artistic endeavor I can think to try.  I rezzed into SecondLife Nov. 13th 2007 and I haven’t looked back since.  I’m taking this time to reflect on the things I’ve done in world and the woman, my choices have turned me into.  In 7 years there I’ve learned to be open and honest about my feelings, that people won’t always like you but the ones that do are usually the special ones you should hold on to.  I took most of 2014 to step away from SL and reconnect with family in Real life.  A decision I am proud to say has made me stronger and realize why I loved Second Life in the first place.  The creativity there is beyond words at times and so inspiring, I lost sight of that after falling into the social aspect of the game, so deep I almost lost myself in other people’s dreams.  This blog is a record of my journey to reclaim my own dreams and the creativity I once found in myself.  I hope you enjoy the journey, have some laughs and aha! moments with me as well.


You are never too old to reinvent yourself. -Steve Harvey

Awakening within...
Awakening within…