Sparks of Creativity…

Lately I’ve been reevaluating SL and some aspects on RL.  In the process of it all I went back to what I fell in love with SL for in the first place.  The creativity!  After some interesting conversations with a friend I was persuaded to try my hand at some things I’d had my heart set on for a while but never got around to doing.  This included attempting to draw hair in Photoshop, not an easy task but I love a challenge.  I actually had fun working out the details of the hair in this shot and even tried my hand at a longer version.  You can see it here

I’ve always loved creating images of my avatar in the fantasy realm and there will be more to come as I get back into things here.  Over all I am enjoying the process and glad to say reminding myself of my love of all things art.  There’s so much inspiration around me and so many things I want to bring to you all that have chosen to follow a meek and introverted photographer on her journey through SL.  I hope you enjoy the works and my thoughts.  I would love to hear back from you guys as well.  What you think of the posts or works and if you’re looking for a photo or two in world , contact me at

Lots of Love and Light


Through the eyes of an Angel...
Through the eyes of an Angel…

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