Style Around One…

So I know it’s been a minute since my last post but there’s good reason aside from life getting in the way for a while.  I saw a youtube ad where a style vlogger styled four looks around one item of clothing.  I love playing with various looks and I love a challenge so I thought, why not challenge myself and put together four looks for myself in the virtual realm?  My one item of choice turned out to be  flirty skirt, which is kind of funny because if you know me well in SL and RL I’m rarely in a skirt if I don’t have to be.   Guess you could call me a stylish tomboy if you peeked into my closet of casual clothes.  I had fun with this challenge,  and if you’d like to take a crack at it you are more than welcome. Please share your results in the comments or at least a link to them there 🙂   The only rule is the item you choose has to be a part of all four of your looks.  I honestly thought this would be tricky in SL but it turned out better and I got some new style options out of the deal.  I’ve always loved dressing my avatar in various looks but in choosing the skirt I gave myself the chance to play more with my girly side and loved it !  If you’re looking for more detailed photos or style info you can find it here

Four Corners of Style...
Four Corners of Style…

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